I’m Already Dancing


If you click the Youtube link to the left, you’ll find my latest video to date.  It’s ‘Testify’ by NeedToBreathe.  My rule is that I make videos to songs that make me cry.  This one made me laugh and cry.  Why?  It reminded me of some truths that are so easy to forget in my busy, adult life.

You’ll notice a maze theme running through the video which comes from the lyrics ‘there is a peace, there is a love, you can get lost inside’.  It made me think of mazes.  In adults, that is a theme that inspires trepidation.  We don’t want to get trapped inside a maze.  It’s threatening.  But look at the faces of the children running through the mazes.  It’s not fear or anxiety on their faces.  It’s excitement and anticipation and joy.  God wants me to run through the maze of my life with excitement, never knowing what he has around the next corner but safe in the knowledge that a good God will be there waiting for me.  I should lose myself in his peace and love.  My goal should be to reach the center, not to escape the maze.

I love the lines ‘weightless we’ll dance, like kids on the moon’.  Imagine God taking you by the hand to dance.  The laws of physics bow before their Creator.  We will barrel through the universe in a dance that circles stars and skips off oceans like a smooth stone.  All for the joy of it.  His joy in dancing with us.  Our joy reflecting his as we both laugh like children at the freedom of movement we have when we hold the hand of God.  Flying through time and space and through the myriad colors of nebulas, we will cartwheel with him as his laughter clears the path for us.  Eyes widen as we see close up the hidden beauties of his creation with him as our guide.  Fingers pointing as our feet ring out the rhythm of the reel.

He will give himself to us.  How?   As soon as we start to let go.  Let go of what?  We’re full.  Full of our busy-ness, full of our hurts, full of ourselves.  What should we let go?  Anything that takes up the space that should be his.  I’m in a purge cycle at home.  I need the space and I’m tired of all the stuff that I acquired simply because I wanted it and then didn’t or don’t use.  The more of that stuff that goes to Goodwill, the better.  It’s hard to part with some of it, sometimes very hard, but I evaluate it in comparison to the space I gain.  It’s easier then.  I give up what I don’t need to gain what I want.  Like Yeshua said – what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?  It doesn’t.  What is it in your life that is simply taking up space that would be better occupied by God?  Get rid of it.  What nasty little habits are hiding in the corners?  Let in the Light.  What are we clutching to our chest that poisons us and our relationship with God?  Out with the trash.  What do we gain?  A dancing partner and the ability to dance.  The fountain that satisfies.  None of the toss-able stuff can do that.   I know.  Everything I stuffed into my basement did not satisfy and I know that because I just went out and bought more.  Less stuff makes you freer.  How can you dance when you’re carrying all that stuff?

And then you have a song to offer.  What he wants from you is that you sing it with all your might. Toss the toss-able and let God fill the space.  You’ll find who you REALLY are and only then can you be it to the fullest.  Then sing.  Make the music that only you can make.  Give God and yourself something to dance to.  Feel the excitement of running the maze and into the arms of God rise in you and power the dance the two of you will share.

This is why children run the mazes through this video.  We’ve forgotten what it is like to look at a maze the way they do.  We’ve forgotten what it felt like to have faith that we were safe and loved.  We have grown up too much and lost what we were.

My earliest memory is of my father walking toward me on the sidewalk that ran from the front of our house to the back door.  I can’t remember his face but I remember that it was him.  I ran toward him.  I was so tiny.  He seemed so big.  I jumped towards his arms.  I felt as if I was flying and the joy of flying has stayed with me to this day.  I do not remember him catching me but I knew he would.  There was no fear that I would fall.  He would never let me.  I had absolute confidence in that and it gave me wings.

I run the maze of my life.  It is a maze that God created for me.  It was not intended to make me anxious or doubt his care for me.  It was meant to be exciting.  It was meant for me to chase him even when I could not quite see him.  Some corners I can see the flick of his robe or the print of a sandal on the ground.  Some corners are blind corners and I cannot see him at all but he is always there calling me forward, inviting me to dance.  And there at the end of the maze, in the very center, he will be waiting for me on a bench made just big enough for he and I to sit together very close.  And I will tell him all about the miracles of the maze.  How I almost caught him around one corner.  How he seemed so far ahead around the next that I almost lost him.  And he will laugh and cry with me.  He will tell me how he watched me through the hedge.  I will remember the flash of light that I saw and realize that it was his eyes always on me.  We will marvel at the voyage through the hedge and I will understand the wonder of it and of his love for me.

And then?  We will dance.