The Hands of Yeshua


I don’t know if anyone has noticed the Youtube link on the left side of the blog page.  It links you to my Youtube channel.  I make videos to music that moves me.  I just finished a video for Yom-Yeshua (aka Christmas).  If you want to see it, here’s the link:

I collected images from the life of Yeshua in chronological order.  The thing that struck me most was his hands.  Hands lifted to heaven.  Hands touching the sick.  Hands giving sight to the blind.  Hands taking two fish and a few loaves and feeding thousands.  Hands raising the dead.  Hands reaching out to Peter as he sank beneath the waves on a stormy night.  Hands touching people who were untouchable.  The hands of God doing what they had not been able to do for thousands of years…reaching out to touch the people he loved.  Showing them that he’d never forgotten them and that he never would.  And then at the end, hands carrying a cross.  Hands pierced by nails driven into his flesh by all of us.  It could have been me holding that hammer and in a very real sense, it was me.  And then the miracle.  Once again, hands reaching out to touch those he loved.  Hands pierced so that once again they can save those they touch.  Then he ascended to heaven where those hands speak to the Father, telling him that the price has been paid and we are clean.

The Bible says God created the world with a word and we know that Yeshua is the Word of God.

In the beginning was the Word,

and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God.

He was with God in the beginning.

All things were created through Him,

and apart from Him not one thing was created

that has been created

John 1:1-3

This is one of my favorite parts of the Bible.  I love these verses.  All things were created through Yeshua.  He was there at the beginning and he acted to create all that there is.

He created all knowing what would happen.  Knowing that we would fall and need to be redeemed.  Knowing what a mess we would make out of his perfect creation.  Knowing we would break his heart over and over and over again.  And he did it anyway.

We know that God created time and that he exists outside of time.  He sees it all as one thing.  To God there is no past, present or future.  It all simply is, at once, and within his view in its entirety.  He can hold time, space and the universe in those beautiful hands.  So you have to ask yourself, were the hands that formed the universe, the hands that made man from the dust of the ground, were they pierced?  Yes, I think they were.

Merry Christmas.