Answer Your Call

Yes. This is probably the twelve billionth blog on the planet. Will anyone read it? I have no idea. I’m writing it because the idea of it wouldn’t leave me alone. I want to write about God and the difference he has made in my life. Everywhere I look I see him. I look back over my life and see that I am dramatically different from how it appeared I would be. I look around me and see how he touches my life every moment of every day. I know that whatever lies ahead, he will be there waiting for me. He meets me at every corner I turn. He is the driving passion of my life. So if I decide to write a blog, this will be the subject.
The good news is God doesn’t always call the brilliant, the talented, the best. He loves the failures, the could-have-beens and the never-would-have-beens. He took twelve men who deserted him in his hour of need, twelve men hiding under twelve beds in twelve different parts of town while he hung dying on a cross and then used them to turn the world on its ear. Do I have to be spectacularly educated, familiar with the powers-that-be and influential among the influential? No. And neither do you. I just have to answer my call. Here it is.